Updated: June 2019

Dementia Care Model


Since 2016, we have led a dementia care initiative in our Evergreen wing, completely transforming the floor to meet the unique needs of our residents and creating a household-like feel.

The project included robust staff training to help establish the kind of culture that we are seeking for our home. Staff are trained to feel the experience of how a person with dementia lives in order to help them engage and connect with residents in a meaningful way.

A large part of implementing this project involves making changes to the physical environment. Our Evergreen wing has been filled with meaningful items that draw on each resident’s memories, and help them feel as though their world is full. An empty room can cause a resident with dementia to feel as though their world is empty. “Filling space” can include anything from adding throw pillows, to creating a life skills area such as a kitchen or nursery. 

This model has been found to improve resident experiences and increases the number of positive behaviours and interactions of residents. When a resident’s need for stimulation is being met, extreme expressions are less likely to occur. Our desire is to create an atmosphere where resident’s needs are being met, and where our employees love their work and are fulfilled by their interactions each day. 

If you’d like to learn more about our Dementia Care Model, please contact us at (905) 681-6441.