About Us


Who is CAMA?

CAMA stands for Christian and Missionary Alliance. CAMA Woodlands is owned and operated by the Central District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Canada.  Although owned by the Alliance Church, we are a faith-based home who serves our multi-cultural and multi-faith resident population.

Our focus reflects our core values and quality, compassionate resident care is a priority. We do this with a holistic approach incorporating all aspects of a wellness delivery service. Community partners play an integral role in supporting CAMA Woodlands.

Our 128 bed charitable home strives for excellence through meeting and surpassing Ministry of Health Standards and Guidelines.

Situated in an urban area, we are a piece of the country, off a busy highway in Burlington, ON. Our peaceful garden-like surroundings please all who visit. Our non-smoking Home is completely secure with a safe front garden, backyard gazebo and wandering path.

On behalf of the CAMA Woodlands community, we look forward to welcoming you with care and compassion.

Mission, Vision & Values

CAMA Woodlands Long Term Care Home strives to provide the highest quality of compassionate, holistic care for every resident in our Home through our commitment to serve in a Christian manner with hope and love in a safe and comfortable environment.


We believe that CAMA Woodlands is an integral part of the community partners to promote the positive values of the aged.


We believe in the inherent dignity and worth of the individual and all the people who abide here to live their lives to the fullest extent possible.


We believe that quality resident care can be provided by through knowledgeable, skilled and caring staff. We promote these qualities through education and teamwork.


We believe in family values and encourage the active participation of families in the resident’s life and care.


Our History


The Applegarth Family arrived in Canada from England and received 900 acres of Crown Land, where CAMA is located today. The Applegarth Family developed the land to include two mills, 34 homes, five sawmills and two merchant shops.


The property was sold to Ivan Panin, know for his lectures on Russian literature and theory of Biblical numbers. He connected with a group of Christians in Toronto where the served together at the YMCA. It was following this that the group purchased the land to settle down.

The Amberidge Home, circa 1965

The Amberidge Home, circa 1965


The remaining members of the group, Mr. Amberidge, Mr. Henderson and Mrs. Osborne, sought different church denominations, looking for one similar to their own. They settled on the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The remaining members and the C&MA made an agreement that the C&MA would be given the land, subject that they care for the three members in their old age. Renovations began on the Amberidge home to become a nursing home.


A few CAMA residents enjoying the outdoors, circa 1970.

A few CAMA residents enjoying the outdoors, circa 1970.

The Amberidge home opened its doors for the first time as a nursing home, named CAMA Woodlands. Mr. Amberidge was one of the first twelve residents to live there.


The Henderson home was converted into a small seniors’ residence, to accommodate Mr. Henderson and four others others. The Henderson home eventually closed as a seniors’ residence and became a rental residential property.


Permission was granted by the Ministry of Health for CAMA Woodlands to expand to a sixty bed nursing home, plus four beds for respite care. Ground breaking ceremonies began in 1989.

The new CAMA Woodlands facility, October 1990.

The new CAMA Woodlands facility, October 1990.


On October 26, 1990 the new building was completed. All twenty residents from the old home were moved into the new facility. The official dedication of the new facility was February 21, 1991.


An application was made to the MOH to redevelop the 64 bed home to an “A” facility. At this same time the Board of Directors gave the go ahead to expand the home to double the size (128 beds).


On January 1, 2011 CAMA Woodlands purchased St. Olga’s Lifecare in Hamilton. CAMA took ownership and management of home until the new and renovated home is completed.


The first phase of construction was completed in April 2014, and the residents of the current facility moved to the brand new home. The existing CAMA closed off and the architects, builders and trades people came in for 7 months with the result being a completely renovated 64 beds; making the whole home 128 beds.

All residents who were in St. Olga’s moved to the newly renovated building the last week of November 2014 and St. Olga’s of Hamilton was sold and would not be used again for Long Term Care.