Therapeutic Recreation

The Recreation Department provides a variety of programs and services for our residents and the team works very hard to provide an enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere. Families are always welcome to participate.

Residents are encouraged to be active in the interesting and fun activities offered. We strive to provide programming that meets our residents’ social, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs. Some programs include: Montessori programming, restorative exercises, BBQs and socials, live entertainment, and Burlington Humane Society pet visits.


Our experienced team issues monthly curated program calendars that highlight activities occurring in each wing of the home. We encourage you to view the calendar for your loved one’s area of the home below:

Food & Nutrition

At CAMA Woodlands, the Dietary Department consists of one main kitchen and 4 serveries. Most of the food is prepared in the main kitchen by the Cook and Dietary Aides, aside from small items like toast, coffee, tea etc. Each resident is provided with 3 meals and 3 snacks per day. This is to help ensure that all residents are meeting their nutritional needs. If needed, residents are provided with additional supplements to help promote a healthy goal weight.

There are two main menus at the home: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Residents are given a choice of two options at meals. For example, at breakfast hot and cold cereal is offered, along with toast or muffin, coffee, tea and juice etc. Before the menus are finalized, they are brought to the Residents Council for approval and signed off by our in-house Dietitian along with the Dietitian from the purchased company. All menus follow the Canada Food Guide requirements. Menus for those requiring texture modifications are also supplied. The main modifications are regular, minced and puree. Fluid textures range from thin, honey, nectar and pudding.

The Dietary Manager and the Dietitian review the menu with the residents frequently so that any necessary changes can be made.



Spiritual Care

"We love because He first loved us" - 1 John 4:19

People matter to God, so people matter to us.  At CAMA Woodlands, we strive to holistically meet each resident's needs.  Spiritual Care is provided from a Christian perspective and is a vital part of CAMA Woodlands, servicing both staff and residents and their families, while maintaining space and respect for each residents' personal spiritual beliefs.

Our Spiritual Care Department works closely with the Therapeutic Department in leading weekly in-house worship services, bible studies, hymn sings, and prayer support in our beautiful chapel.  Specially designed services are also available weekly for our special needs residents.  We welcome family and friends to attend our services and programming and we encourage spiritual community affiliations to join us in providing spiritual care to members of their congregations residing at CAMA Woodlands.

Our full-time Chaplain provides one-on-one spiritual care to residents, including palliative care visitation and hospital visits.  Daily in-house visits foster meaningful interaction and provides support for residents and families, as well as volunteers and staff.  Our Chaplain will also respond to referrals from residents, families or health care team members.

For more information, contact Pastor Sharlene Henderson (Chaplain) at

Environmental Services

Our Environmental Services department consists of housekeeping, laundry and maintenance. Our housekeeping department ensures a clean and safe environment. The laundry department ensures residents clothes and linens are cleaned on a regular basis and are responsible for labeling. Maintenance keeps the grounds in a park like setting and keeps equipment in optimal repair. Rooms for residents are either one or two beds and each have their own washroom facilities. Bathing is done twice a week in one of our two spa-like tub rooms. Every Resident Area has its own Lounge and an Activity Room.



Unfunded Services

In addition to our quality funded services, we also provide many unfunded services that are available to residents and their families at an additional fee.

Such services include:

  • Aroma Therapy Massage

  • Newspaper Delivery

  • Cable

  • Telephone

  • Internet

  • In-house Hair Stylist

  • Chiropodist

  • Guest Meals

Please contact us should you wish to add an unfunded service to your loved one’s account at (905) 681-6441.



CAMA Woodlands boasts many on-site amenities that promote community, recreation and relaxation.

  • Fully Fenced Backyard Garden with Gazebo

  • Front Secure Patio

  • Family Dining Room

  • Chapel

  • Common Lounge Areas

  • Tuck Shop

  • Activity Rooms

  • Hair Salon