CAMA Family Council



The Family Council strives to improve the quality of life of Long Term Care residents by providing the family and friends a forum for sharing. This forum supports the exchange of experiences, education and information which can ensure the optimal experience for the resident and their family in the Long Term Care Home.


Most important, the Family Council works with the resident’s family members or friends and with the Long Term Care home to identify and resolve issues that affect the resident's quality of life. 

The CAMA Woodlands Family Council, like all family councils, is supported by the Long Term Care Homes Act and is a self managed and democratic group open to all families and friends of residents. 

The Family Council meets regularly on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm. 


  • Ongoing mutual support and encouragement through sharing of thoughts and experiences as you and your family navigate a new CAMA Woodlands experience.

  • Great forum for learning about residents rights, health issues and related topics.

  • Supported by the Ontario Family Councils Program, there are regular forums for education through out the year relative to Long Term Care Homes.

  • Gain insight into CAMA Woodlands operations and policies .

  • Opportunity to add your voice to issues that can be a catalyst for positive changes in the daily lives of residents at CAMA Woodlands.

  • Provide a means for staff to deal directly with families as a group and vice versa in developing and maintaining relevant programs and services.



If you wish to join our Family Council, please contact us at (905) 681-6441.